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Slitting is the operation of cutting a wide strip into a number of narrow strips by passing the strip between circular cutters or blades.Slitting lines consist of an uncoiler for holding the wide coil, one or more slitters, and a coiler for simultaneous recoiling of all the slit strips.Slitting lines can be of two main types, pullthrough or driven. In pull-through slitting all the power for slitting and coiling comes from the coiler drive system.In driven slitters the power for slitting comes from the slitting machines, while uncoiler and coiler are separately driven.The choice between the two types depends on steel sheet strength and thickness and on the quality of slit strip required. Driven slitters are often used where the strip to be slit: a) has a low strength and is, therefore, likely to be locally stretched, or b) is thinner than 0.40 mm and likely to tear in the pull-through. While the lower cost pull-through system is the more commonly used method for the general range of steel products, the versatility of the driven system is a definite advantage in the slitting of products where optimum edge condition, minimum surface damage and a freedom from camber, distortion and residual stresses are required. Residual stresses can be present in strip slit by a pull-through unit and may cause problems where a high degree of flatness from edge to edge is necessary. Combination pull-through and driven slitters are sometimes used where the versatility to slit a wide range of material types and thicknesses is required.In many slitting lines the material forms a free hanging loop either before (preloop), after (postloop) or before and after (double loop) the slitting head. Double loop slitting, using a driven slitter, is preferable for slitting electrical steels, since the stresses induced in pullthrough slitters can be harmful to the magnetic properties of the steel. Residual or locked-in stresses are generally the cause of bowing in narrow sections formed in a press brake from pull-through slit strip, the thickness/width range of 1.6-2.0 mm/150-250 mm in low carbon steel being more prone to this effect.

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